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WithcraftMDA aims to make software development fun and extremely productive by driving applications from model rather than code. The intention of witchcraft model driven code generation tool is to help automate creation and maintenance of database driven enterprise applications. Automatic code generation using time tested design principles helps developers focus on core business development and minimizes the effort spent on generatable code - which by our experience is 80 - 90 %. Also this methodology ensures WYSIWYG development - nothing is lost in translation and the model which is the business users' vision, becomes living breating code.

WitchcraftMDA - software at the speed of thought

Welcome to WitchcraftMDA, a tool that seeks to revolutionize the ways software is engineered.

Everyone knows that using libraries or frameworks means using implementation programs that repeatedly use very similar code for each and every situation. Using an existing example (either model or code) as a basis, our consulting team can have you define which parts can be parameterized, in order to automatically build a cartridge that will apply this general form to all similar cases encountered during a development process. In this way, you get a tool that automates your development and that is entirely dedicated to your context (approach, libraries, frameworks, and so on). Whatever your development language (Java, C#, C++, …) or frameworks (SOA, Spring, .Net, …), this technique systematizes your developments, meaning less work and fewer development errors. Adpoting an MDA style is akin to when manufacturing moved from hand crafting to Assembly lines.

You can also choose to use existing cratridges, currently we have catridges for Spring, Seam & Jsf Dot net and php. Grails , RoR
and python catridges are under works.

Check the Reference App and see the power of MDA for yourself.

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